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Circular Needles How To Use

addi® Circular Needles – Skacel Knitting – Addi’s ® line of circular needles is built around the needle that started it all … the addi Turbo ®. Also offered, in circular form, are addi ® Lace (brass …

Options Nickel Plated Fixed Circular Knitting Needles from … – “For years the only needles I wanted to use were [your competitors]; expensive [your competitors]. Then I tried your nickle plated needles at a fair and reasonable …

How to Knit on Circular Needles in 5 Easy StepsHow to Knit with Circular Needles – About Knitting – Circular knitting needles are a lot of fun to work with. They allow you to make bags and sweaters without seams, as well as other fun projects like hats and socks.

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