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Carrom How To Play Rules

Carrom (also known as Karrom) is a "strike and pocket" table game of Eastern origin similar to billiards and table shuffleboard. It is found throughout the East under …

Place the carrom pieces (all 19) within the circle in the middle of the carrom board. Place your carrom striker between the two striking lines (baseline) of your sides.

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Carrom Spielregeln (Rules & Laws)MISCELLANEOUS RULES – Carrom.org – MISCELLANEOUS RULES. Sinking the striker costs you one piece and your turn. But, if you sink a piece in the same shot, then two come up and you shoot again.

How to Play Carrom. Carrom, also referred to as Karrom, is a popular game in the Middle East and surrounding areas. The game is similar to a combination of billiards …

How to Play Carrom for Beginners. Carrom is a game similar to Billiards or Table Shuffleboard. However, instead of pool cues, you use your fingers and a striker. The …

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