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Depth Of Field Preview How To Use

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One feature that I find may DSLR owners (and some point and shoot owners) have on their cameras that they fail to know about (and/or utilize) is Depth of Field Preview.

How to use your cameras depth of field preview button. Tips for using depth of field preview button. What it does and how to use it.

Digital Photography: Technical Tips - Depth of Field Preview ButtonHow to use the depth-of-field preview button on your … – Dec 03, 2014  · The small DOF preview button on a Canon 700D. Lexy Savvides/CNET Depending on your camera, the button is usually …

Jul 07, 2011  · https://www.youtube.com/user/Photogra… Digital Photography: Technical Tips – Layne Kennedy shows you how to use the depth of field button and explains …

You may have heard the term depth of field (DoF), but if you are new to photography you may not yet be taking advantage of how DoF can enhance your photos.

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